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Re: anonymity in moos

Jackie, my 2 cents:

We need lots of different kinds of communities, each with its own policy
on anonymity, and many other issues.  That way people can choose the kind
of community best suited to their needs.

I founded two MOOs.  On MediaMOO, everyone is identified.  I believe this
contributes to the professional atmosphere.  On MOOSE Crossing, a learning
environment for kids, everyone is anonymous.  In this case, anonymity is an
important safety issue.  You asked if it was possible to have an anonymous MOO
"taken seriously".  Absolutely.  People are (so far, knock on wood!) extremely
nice on MOOSE, and yes I think the community is taken seriously.  It helps
that new members have to agree to a code of conduct (sending a signed form in
via snail-mail), and that adults have to write a short application essay.
There are lots of different techniques to give a community a desired
character.  I wrote about this in:
Comments welcome.

-- Amy


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