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Re: anonymity in moos

Another reason I would hesitate to make Email addresses readable is it
just doesn't mimic real life. If I run into someone in RL and make an
ass of myself (intentionally or otherwise) I can console myself with,
"At least (s)he doesn't know how to get in touch with me." If you make
email addresses readable, this wont be true.

Also, in RL if I wan't some one to be able to contact me other than face
to face, I have to GIVE them my email address or telephone number.

As an experiment, try walking around town with a big sign that reads:

	My Telephone Number is: 
	xxx:xxx.xxxx (insert your number here)

I know I wouldn't do that AND I'M NOT A WEIRDO. Really.

Jeff Watkins (home) (work)

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