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Tierra + MOO

Greetings from Brazil,

Hi, fellas. I'm running a 1.8.0p3 server with FUP-1.8 extension in a Linux 
1.2.8 (POSIX). Ok. I run at the same machine a program of Artificial Life 
called Tierra, designed by Tom Ray. 

My great philosophical issue now (i'm not a great programmer) is display 
the output of tierra inside the MOO.

The Tierra is an executable, and the output of the process is text 
appended to a file continuously.

E_MOO have a room called MOOtop. The room displays the tasks of @forked at
present time. Is a good piece of work. I think the wiz used
$sys:process_stats. But that process is *INSIDE* the MOO. Just for 
remember, Tierra runs *OUTSIDE* the MOO.

Gustavo Glusman (FUP) wrote for me:

"What you can do is have a task in the MOO that runs every few seconds (how
many seconds depends on the need), and checks what the filelength(),
filesize() or the size entry in the fileinfo() is for the file you are
'tailing'. If this changed from the previous known value (that you have to
keep in some variable), you fileread() the difference, and use it in
whatever way you need."

Tom Ray, the creator of Tierra, wrote for me:

"I don't know anyone who has put Tierra in a moo.
Let me know how it goes.  If the moo has curses capability then
you can use the BASIC frontend.  If not, then you can use the
STDIO frontend.  But recently, we also have a new GUI frontend
based on TCL/TK.  You can find out more on my web 
page ("

Ok. Any comments?      

Tanx in advance,


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