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Memory Usage of MOOs

	I was wondering if a MOO, with a 1.4 meg DB, is supposed to use
up 4 megs RAM. My db was about 1.7-1.8 megs, and I recycled a 100K FO and
other useless objects to save space. (Mainly because the server has two
MOO's running on it) The other MOO's db is a little over 2 megs, but is
using only around 3 meg RAM. Other MOO' I've ran or had access to the site
have always used their db * 2 in RAM. Anyone know a reason why a 1.4 meg 
MOO would use 4 megs RAM? Would renumbering the database cut down on it? 
One more question, How much is RAM usage affected by the number of players

Any information will be appreciated, esp having to do with memory :)

				Justin Harris

Version: 3.1
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