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Re: temporary wizbit

--- Seth I. Rich wrote:
I'm looking to permit a set of nonwizard players the ability to shut
down the MOO.  (In particular, a set of one player, the player who 
hosts the MOO, our sysadmin.)  I would prefer that he be able to call
shutdown() with his own permissions, so both the log and the
announcements to players would mention his name.
--- end of quoted material ---

Hmm.  Why not make a special "shutdown object"

say, #666:
#666.wizard => 1;
verb_info(#666, "shut_this_place_down") =>{#666, "rxd", "shut_this_place_down")
Listing of #666:shut_this_place_down (this none this) 
if (caller_perms().wizard)
   raise(E_PERM, "Nice try, buddy");

then give #110 a @shutdown verb: =;

and this verb is wizpermed.  While I see know obvious security holes in your
suggested method, this never makes the guy a wizard, so it avoids any
posibility of a hole.  The only sacrifice would be the object # that will
becomes #666, but the name will be right.

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