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Moo Saved... Thanks!

Well I got just the right combination of information from just the right
group of wonderful people.  Thanks  to Pavel, Gustavo and Thomas, and
amy & Bartmoss in the first round.  I got the moo dumped.  I'd
straightened out all the permissions for all the files in the directory
before the moo was restarted, but the directory '.' was owned by root.
This shouldn't have been a problem IMHO, as I'd made sure that the group
was set properly, and was chmodded to be writeable by all members of the
group.  Who knows.  Suffice it to say that by changing all of
/usr/local/bin and below to be owned by moo, @dump_database promptly
spewed forth a healthy db.

I can't thank these august persons enough.

I think that I finally lived up to the name of my institution.

D. Jason Nolan
Department of Curriculum
Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education
University of Toronto
(416)923-6641 x2528

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