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Re: Task RAM-usage limits...

IMHO, Panic is a worst thing for a server than simply killing a task like 
MOO... But, like Pavel wrote, limiting a tasks size in the MOO is a 
low-level feature that need to think about at the first steps in the 
developpement of the server.
I'm not really expert in server developpement but I thing that the best 
way to avoid Panic is to isolate the task to the main server. Our own MUD 
runs on a client of the main server and are support by crontab job that's 
looking if the MUD runs and restart it if necessary. The cron itself is 
run on the main server and are completely isolate from the rest. I don't 
know if that mesures preserve all the server from any panic cause by the 
MUD, but they seem to work with most of the tasks that the server have to 
run (something like /* or programmation errors in the same way of this 

An other way can be a memory limiter who isolated the moos. Something 
like what we fund in MacOS or NT but, may be, with less security. The 
program would do something like reserving a amount of memory for the moo 
and don't let it grow over it... Maybe the moo sometimes fell down out of 
ressources but just the moo, not the entire server... If your crontab is 
well set, your moo will be restarted in the next minutes... 

The problems is that I never heard nothing about a program like this and 
it must be really OS specifics...

Fabien Ninoles aka the Baggus Mage

PS: Sorry about my english... I'm trying to improve it but I don't have a 
gift for language (except computer language :/ )

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