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Re: Task RAM-usage limits...

Followup to:  <Pine.SOL.3.91.960420093932.3975C-100000@pollux>
By author:    Fabien Ninoles <>
In newsgroup: local.moo
> IMHO, Panic is a worst thing for a server than simply killing a task like 
> MOO... But, like Pavel wrote, limiting a tasks size in the MOO is a 
> low-level feature that need to think about at the first steps in the 
> developpement of the server.
> I'm not really expert in server developpement but I thing that the best 
> way to avoid Panic is to isolate the task to the main server. Our own MUD 
> runs on a client of the main server and are support by crontab job that's 
> looking if the MUD runs and restart it if necessary. The cron itself is 
> run on the main server and are completely isolate from the rest. I don't 
> know if that mesures preserve all the server from any panic cause by the 
> MUD, but they seem to work with most of the tasks that the server have to 
> run (something like /* or programmation errors in the same way of this 
> example...)

Note most Unices have a function called ulimit(), usually available as
"ulimit" (sh/bash/ksh/zsh) or "limit" (csh/tcsh) from the shell.  That
should take care of that; once the MOO hits it resource limit any
further malloc() (really, sbrk()) will fail, and the MOO server might
panic, but the system will not.


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