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Announcing the Cup-O MUD client beta release

This message is to announce the beta test release of the Cup-O MUD client 
(a MUVE/MUD/MU* client for Java-capable systems)!

                               WHAT IS IT?

The Cup-O MUD client is a fully functional client for Multi-User Virtual
Environments (MUVEs, aka MUDs, MU*s, MOOs, etc), written in the Java
programming language. The Cup-O MUD applet allows embedding an active,
real-time link to a MUVE system right into a web page or web system, which
is immediately available to any user running a Java-capable WWW browser.
Local-install and standalone versions of the Cup-O MUD client are also in
the works.

Cup-O MUD is platform-independent, supports TELNET and MCP protocols,
configurable fonts and colors, backscroll, command-recall, unlimited input 
length, auto-login, and more, all in a quick, auto-loading Java applet!

For (lots) more information on what the Cup-O MUD client supports, see
the Cup-O MUD page at


The Cup-O MUD client is now officially being put into open beta testing,
preliminary to its (hopefully imminent) official release.  This means that
anyone outside of Diversity University wishing to take advantage of the
Cup-O MUD client for their own web pages or MUVE sites is now able to do
so, and help me to make sure there aren't major problems before the 
official release in the process.

Anyone wishing to use the Cup-O MUD client executable at other sites
during this beta test period, please contact me ( and
arrangements will be made. Source code is not yet available but will be
when 1.0 is officially released.

I'm hoping to release this thing officially within a few weeks. I'll be
using the beta period mainly for cleaning up my source code and finishing
up the docs, and for anyone who wants to give it a good testing to do so,
and then I'll actually release it.

                      WHERE IS THERE MORE INFO?

The Cup-O MUD Home Page is at:

Visit the Cup-O MUD home page and find:
  o Status information on the Cup-O MUD Java MUD client project
  o Documentation on the Cup-O MUD client
  o Screen snapshots of the Cup-O MUD client in action, and of DU's 
    integrated Java/Web/MOO system currently using the Cup-O MUD client.
  o Links to examples of the Cup-O MUD client and the integrated DU 
    system for Java-capable browsers.
  o Links to other projects using the Cup-O MUD client, as they come up.

Anyone interested is encouraged to check out Cup-O MUD and give feedback!

Please feel free to pass this announcement on to any other people/forums 
which might be appropriate.

      Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."

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