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Re: {n/p}curses

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Rich Connamacher wrote:

> Nobody's said this yet, I don't believe, but...

Welp, it kinda comes implicitly with using MOO, imho :-)


> [Begin Sappy Block]

Well, more or less the same story here... And I can say a lot more folx 
in the MetroMOO have had and will have similar experiences... Kind of a 
Quantum Leap effect, yes ? :) "The lives you touched, Sam, touched others. 
And those, others!" (Says the barkeeper/god/time to Sam, in the final 

> [End Sappy Block]
> Just had to say it :-)

And I want to say something too :-) Something i've been telling myself 
and others in the MetroMOO and outside it: The best way to honor Pavels 
work and (programming) philosophy, is to try and emulate it. Imagine 
yourself writing code everyone uses, like MOO. Code that could change the 
face of this world. Would you make it freely accessible, for others to 
use, read and /learn from/? Further more, would you put so tremendous an 
effort in supporting it ? I really hope I have the stamina and 
determination to, when (and if :-) i get to make such a decision...

Which makes me wonder.... Pavel revealed a little bit about the history
and the roots of LambdaMOO... How about the rest ? Does anyone want to
share stories about /how/ LambdaMOO came to be as it is ? The name
LambdaMU^HOO seems obvious, but it also sounds like there is a whole story
behind it :-) How far back does the MOO-Cows archive go ? Anyone have the 
energy to compile (excuze-le-mot) a history of LambdaMOO ? (Doesn't have 
to be Pavel of course)


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