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Re: {n/p}curses

> > 	Zeyd M.  Ben Halim, Eric S. Raymond.  Descends from the original 
> > 	pcurses package by Pavel Curtis.
> > 
> > 
> > 	Now I wonder, why didn't he (Pavel) ever incorporate {n/p}curses 
> > into the MOO?  I'm sure he can, but I'd like to know why he never did.  
> > Is there a problem doing this?  Or is it all based on time, no time for 
> > this, no time for that...
> Actually what I am wondering is why is an accomplished programmer like Pavel
> still making great programs and giveing them awyay? :)

Nobody's said this yet, I don't believe, but...


[Begin Sappy Block]

If it weren't for him, well, my life would be a WHOLE lot different.  
Because of MOO, I now live 3000 miles away from home, in a nice apartment 
in a great city like Oakland, California, have traveled to many different 
places in the world (IRL), have a nice job, many friends, an easy A on 
all comp sci lab projects last year that had anything to do with object 
orientated design, intimate knowledge of HTTP, experience working with 
people to sort out problems and mediate, experience administrating 
systems that I wouldn't have had otherwise, a breakneck typing speed, a 
cool pseudonym, and a whole lot of fun.

[End Sappy Block]

Just had to say it :-)


PS:  Yeah, my job is because of MOO.. it's basically designing and 
programming an interactive web server, which I learned how to do on a MOO.

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