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Re: Killing the Server. What is the best signal to send?

John P. Wilson writes:
> What is the best signal to send the server so that it will checkpoint 
> before shutting down?

Here's a new section from the README file that isn't yet in a released server:
Once the database has been loaded, the server reacts to various standard UNIX
process signals as follows:

	Signal(s)			Action
	---------			------
	FPE				Ignored
	HUP (if it was already		Ignored
	     being ignored)
	HUP (otherwise)			Panic the server
	ILL, QUIT, SEGV, BUS		Panic the server
	INT, TERM, USR1			Shut down the server cleanly
	USR2				Schedule a checkpoint ASAP

For the most part, this just means that the following commands might be useful
to you:
	kill -INT <server-pid>		Cleanly shut down the server
	kill -USR2 <server-pid>		Make the server write a checkpoint soon

The answer to your question is that you should probably use INT as the signal.



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