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Re: {n/p}curses

> Nobody's said this yet, I don't believe, but...
> [Begin Sappy Block]
> If it weren't for him, well, my life would be a WHOLE lot different.  
> Because of MOO, I now live 3000 miles away from home, in a nice apartment 
> in a great city like Oakland, California, have traveled to many different 
> places in the world (IRL), have a nice job, many friends, an easy A on 
> all comp sci lab projects last year that had anything to do with object 
> orientated design, intimate knowledge of HTTP, experience working with 
> people to sort out problems and mediate, experience administrating 
> systems that I wouldn't have had otherwise, a breakneck typing speed, a 
> cool pseudonym, and a whole lot of fun.
> [End Sappy Block]
> Just had to say it :-)
> Phantom
> PS:  Yeah, my job is because of MOO.. it's basically designing and 
> programming an interactive web server, which I learned how to do on a MOO.

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