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Re: your mail

At 10:52 AM 4/26/96 PDT, Jay Ruddell wrote:
>>this happens when there's no objects in the recycler, $quota_utils:bi_create
>>tries to call $recycler:_create if the permissions aren't that of a wizard,
>>while $recycler:_create sees there's nothing in the recycler and calls
>>$quota_utils:bi_create, which loops back again. I think a wizard can just
>>make a bunch of objects and then recycle them, as long as you keep a few
>>recyclables around this should be fine, this was made to stop number
>>spamming on Lambda, but then again they have about 18000 recyclables, so
>>never thought about this problem.
>Is there any code to fix this or do i just haveta make lotsa and lots of
>objects and recycle them???
>Jay R.

just take out the wizard check on $quota_utils:bi_create, this will probably
allow create() to be used by players, but you can protect that with a
$bf_create verb to make sure there really aren't recyclables left (make sure
you do this with 1.8.0p4 or later though).

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