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Re: call_function() and $bf_FOO()

At 05:43 PM 4/27/96 PDT, Don Schwarz wrote:
>  3) call_function() should be changed so that if the first argument isn't
>a known built-in function, it checks to see if a callable verb is defined on
>#0 with the name bf_<name of function>, which will be called in the same way
>that it would be if the function existed and was protected.  This will allow
>people to do something like:
>    #0:bf_listassoc this none this rxd
>      try
>        return call_function("listassoc", @args);
>      except e (E_INVARG)
>        return $list_utils:assoc(@args);
>      endtry
>and have the listassoc() built-in work whether the patch was installed or
that sounds like a good idea, but say I have a $bf_* verb with a lot of
aliases and want it to parse the arguments and then call the verb with
call_function()... which will call the $bf_* verb and loop again....

btw whoever maintains the server next should consider adding
listassoc()/iassoc().. but remember not to have it case insensitive like the
current patch.

>Oh, and while I'm at it, shouldn't the MOO panic when #0 is recycled?  Or
>maybe just make recycle() refuse to recycle it?  I don't see how the MOO
>could function at all without #0, nor do I see any reason why it should
>ever need to be recycled.  Of course recycling $player could probably do
>just as much damage, but the server doesn't directly communicate with
>$player like it does with #0.
>                                                 --Dark_Owl
just fix $bf_recycle then... you could just get rid of #0:do_login_command
and be just as screwed.


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