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New Server Update

Okay, I'd like to thank those folks who had encouraging
suggestions in re. my effort to create a new server.
I've got the basic framework up and running. Phrew, it
was a long weekend.

I'd like some input on how multi-tasking and multiple
inheritence might be done. I've got some ideas, but I'm
not really well versed in these areas.

One issue of note, the compiler is almost 100% MOO code
complient. I'm thinking of adding a 100% MOO code
compiler as well as the Cified compiler. The changes I
made are mostly to do with END<STMT> syntax.

Instead of:
	if (expr)

you have:
	if (expr)

where (statement) can be '{' (statement) '}'.

Not a big change but...

Jeff Watkins (home) (work)

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