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Re: New Server

> So therefore my tasks suspend whenever the hell the
> server feels like it...

Hm... good point. I hadn't really addressed yet whether
I want cooper-
ative or preemtive multitasking. One thought I had was
to give each object its own thread. Therefore, calling
a method on object A from object B would put object B
to sleep waiting for object A to perform the action.
This might be achieved by providing a special flag like
'Serialise'. Or something.

> It has to be reliable, and so does the developer.  I
> won't adopt any orphan servers.  ColdMUD almost died
> that way, and it's still on life support.

An excellent point and one of the prime reasons why I
want to get interest from external parties before
really pounding on this sucker. I don't mind doing a
basic cut at the project without support. After all,
unless I have something to show, I wont get any support
for the project. But I'm trying to partition the system
so I don't wind up in Pavel's position.

Jeff Watkins (home) (work)


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