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Economy MOOs

I've been reading a lot on this list, and I finally think I may have something
to add.  I'm coarchwiz on AnonyMOO,, and have been working on
making it into an economy MOO.  I only have a couple minutes in which to send
this, so I won't include any details in this post, but I'll maybe write up
something tonight on how I've implemented an economy on AnonyMOO.  I can't
describe it, because I haven't seen any other economy MOOs to which to compare
it, but until I post the details about AnonyMOO (hopefully later tonight), feel
free to log in ( port 8888), @request a character, and read the
help files (@subscribe *qq and read on there, plus help currency).

Scott Havens
Coarchwiz, Spectre@AnonyMOO 8888
Spectre@BayMOO 8888

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