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I had an idea a little while ago: wouldn't it be nice if data to and from
the server were encrypted? I suppose this could be done either with normal
encryption methods, or perhaps with some sort of public-key encryption.
This is only an idea; it's probably way beyond my modest C skills (but you
never know).
It would involve creating some sort of MOO protocol that identified the
client as able to send and receive encrypted text, to which the server
would respond (if it were hacked properly).
A vanilla Lambda server's response of "I don't understand that" (or
similar) would disable the client's encryption abilities.
1) Would it be extremely difficult to hack the server to decode incoming
text before parsing, and encode outgoing text?
2) What problems could this cause?
3) Anyone got any cute ideas on how to do this from the client side?
4) Anyone know of a decent C library of public-key-encryption related stuff
that I could muck around with, not necessarily just for this but also for
my own amusement?


Matthew Sanderson
The Australian National University, Canberra.

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        UltiMOO: 2001

"Ninety percent of everything is Crud" - Murphy

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