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[ RE: #define LOG COMMANDS]

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From: Roger Crew <>
Subject: RE: #define LOG COMMANDS
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 13:07:56 -0700
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> Has anyone else had any success in getting this to work?

Historically, it's worked just fine.

You might want to give us some idea of what version of the server you
have, what you tried, and what went wrong (e.g., server didn't build,
server built ok but would coredump, would run just fine but logged
commands wouldn't appear in server log, etc...).

The immediate thing that comes to mind is that you need an underscore,
i.e., it should be

  #define LOG_COMMANDS


  #define LOG COMMANDS

which does something entirely different (probably nothing at all since I
imagine the server code doesn't refer to LOG anywhere).

Actually, this line is already in options.h, complete with underscore;
you just need to uncomment it (i.e., remove the /* and */ from around
it).  If you're randomly sticking in this #define elsewhere, all bets
are off...
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