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[ Re: Very wierd annoying problem with p6]

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Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 12:32:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jay Carlson <>
CC: "Richard Connamacher" <>,
Subject: Re: Very wierd annoying problem with p6 
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> At 10:23 PM 5/27/97 -0800, you wrote:
>> Pardon my ignorance,  but what's r2?

1.8.0r2 is a "rogue" release of the MOO server that includes patches
that Ben Jackson and I wrote.

> r2 is Rouge ver 2 of the server some very nice speed improvements at the
> least that I've seen maybe more, 

It's around 250-400% faster than 1.8.0p5/p6.  Since there aren't any
good benchmark suites for MOO, it's hard to say precisely---but it
sure is nice to log in to LambdaMOO and see "The lag is low; there are
181 connected."

> but it also seems to have a memory leak,

What I think we're seeing is 1.8.0 memory leaks.  We know the stock
server leaked badly at LambdaMOO before our changes, at least.  Ben
and I have posted fixes for two leaks; mine may be significant enough
to account for a good portion of the growth.  We'll see.

> its only being run in a few select places for testing right now. 

That's right.  Because of my paranoia, it's in limited beta release so
we can keep in touch with the people running the servers; I also
prefer to do this kind of testing with people known to have done
significant enough work with the MOO server to have at least one level
of filtering on any bug reports.

1.8.0r3 will probably be out for another limited beta soon.  At some
point I'd like to make a general beta, but I have no idea when; see
also the next response:

> I belive, if I'm wrong correct me someone, that it will actually become part
> of 1.9 when the offical release is made (soon we hope <grin>)

Erik has already said that he'd like 1.9.0 to be largely a performance
release.  Ben and I would love to see our code join the mainline, and
Erik has access to our CVS tree, so it's not a question of access.

I'd feel a lot better about doing a few more rounds of beta before
suggesting we're ready for an official release.
- -- 
Jay Carlson

Flat text is just *never* what you want.   ---stephen p spackman
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