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my kingdom for a hash table!

[cc any replies directly to me.  I'm on Jay's clue-cows sublist.]

I understand that Jay has written code for a kind of hash table done in
server, called "dictionaries."  I would kill to have some kind of hash table
incorporated into the main server design.

In MOOSE, I'm using hash tables for verb lookup for in-db parsing.
I implemented this by having each hash slot be a property on the object.
This is adding literally hundreds of properties to every object in the 
db.   Ooooooooouch!
I'd like to see the specs for Jay's code.  I'd kill to have some good
hash tables incorporated into the server.  It's really key to making
cool things with in-db parsing possible.

Can we make something happen in this area?  (Erik?  Jay?)

-- Amy

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