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Re: [RFC] try ... finally ... entry enhancements?

At 0:54 -0400 7/11/97, Rich Connamacher wrote:
>I don't understand what you mean.
>If you want to execute code that will run if the try statement doesn't
>raise an error or return?  That's simple, just make it the last try
>Finally statements are just pieces of code that are run nomatter what,
>though they can be snuck past with a timeout or kill_task(task_id()).  I
>don't know what you mean in making finally statements "smart".  What
>exactly are you trying to accomplish?  Could you please explain it?

Sure, let me to it with an example... right now I'm implementing trace
in-db that way; traced verb code looks like:

__trace_step_out_args__ = $trace_utils:step_in(args);



What I would like if that when the finally is called, I would like to know
what's going on... it is returning a value? which one? is it raising an
error? what's the trace? or is it just continuing execution...

If I could do:

__trace_step_out_args__ = $trace_utils:step_in(args);


finally exit_info
  $trace_utils:step_out(@__trace_step_out_args__, exit_info);

Where exit_info would be a variable holding the info regarding what's the
state of the code execution when it hit the finaly statements...

>Also, in a language statement, it's not neccessary to follow a strict LIST
>format.  I'm sure a more intuitive format could be found.

Not really... need to be a list since a bunch of values are needed...

I hope this make things clearer...


P.S. for those who wonder, the trace system as I wrote it right now is an
overhead of 20 ticks per verb call... innaceptable for a production MOO,
but for a developement one when you are using an unfamiliar core, it helps
Heh if it was possible to have accurate 'time' info about the number of
ticks/seconds elapsed it could even be used to do profiling with a very
minor hack (HINT HINT! :)

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