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Debugging Room released

Hello again.

A preliminary version of the $debug Debugging Room has been released (for 
use in conjunction with the SLD patch created by Nick Ingolia). Please 
bear in mind that the current $debug doesn't have much error checking 
(i.e., don't try to "say" or "emote" from within the editor ;>), and I'm 
not entirely sure if the permission checks I use are enough.

To install the $debug:
-- install the SLD patch (already installed in MacGoesMOO).
-- log in as #2 and type the following lines:
      @create $generic_editor named Debugging Room:Debugging Room
      @prop #0.debug <obj# of object you just created>
-- download the debug_object @dump file, available at 
-- quote the debug_object.moo into your MOO via TinyFugue's /quote 
command, or via copy/paste.

To use the $debug:
@debug <obj>:<verb>      -- Initializes the debugger for use
start                    -- Starts the verb running
l*ist                    -- Lists the current frame, including line number
s*tep                    -- Executes the current line
"step_in i*n"            -- Steps into any verb call on the current line
"step_out o*ut"          -- Steps out of the current frame
"go run resume con*tinue"-- Allows the task to complete at full speed
v*ariables               -- Lists all variables in the current frame
m*odify_variable         -- Modify variables in the current frame
"done q*uit pause"       -- Exit the debugger
abort                    -- Kill the task and reset the debugger

Among the perm-checks I perform are:
-- When listing a particular frame, $debug will not show a verb's 
contents if player isn't a wizard and verb is set -r.
-- When modifying variables, if player is a wizard, player can modify any 
variable. If player is not a wizard, but owns the current verb, player 
can modify any variable except 'player' and 'caller'. If player is not a 
wizard and doesn't own the current verb, player can't modify any 

Please let me know if there are any problems with $debug, or if I'm 
missing necessary perm-checks or have unnecessary perm-checks.


    I am a Troubleshooter; my job is to seek out and shoot trouble.

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