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moving things out of the server (was: floats and efficiency)

Seth writes:
>... and while we're at it, can we finally move .location and .contents
>(and other spatial assumptions) out of the server?  This could be done
>in-DB, with the server's parser declining to work is there doesn't exist
>properly-formed .location and .contents properties where `player' is.

Similarly, why not do without the 'name' property on every object?

I am not suggesting this. What I mean to say is, that just as you don't
have to use floats just because they're there, you don't have to use the
location/contents system just because it's there. But I think most MOOs out
there actually use it.

Of course, it would be ideal if the server were so modular that you could
choose to leave such things out. But given that the MOO server purports to
provide a virtual object architecture, I think it makes just plain sense to
have every object in a given place.

Of all the server assumptions, I'd say the current location/contents model
is one of the most natural ones. Compare it to ownership, readability,
fertility, etc. Ownership is far more artificial; schemes for multiple
ownership abound - no need to tell *you* that! :)

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