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Checkpoint Problems Continue

After continued troubleshooting, we are still having problems with our
checkpointing NOT executing the #0:checkpoint_started and
#0:checkpoint_finished verbs.  The verbs are +x, and they have worked in
the past.  The verbs are very simple and do not contain errors.  The system
IS checkpointing at the regular intervals, which is 30 minutes.  We have
recently upgraded to the latest server, 1.8.0p6 and the problem continues.

Any ideas?


> From: Adams, Charles J (UNK-E) <>
> To: 'Quinn' <>;
> Subject: RE: unforked checkpoints
> Date: Friday, July 25, 1997 1:51 PM
> The first should be trivial.  The second you could do easily with a "go
> away, we're checkpointing" message, but not a "please wait" message.
> (the "go away" message would be easy with a child process and some
> signals, but you couldn't reconnect it to the MOO's listening port)
> > -----Original Message-----
> > Could UNFORKED_CHECKPOINTS possibly be a $server_option?  Furthermore,
> > could we provide a message to be shown when people connect that
> > explains
> > why nothing is happening?  It can be disconcerting for a player to
> > come
> > knocking during an unforked checkpoint and get no answer.
> > 

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