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RE: High Wired MOO Core Release

Due to a potential legal conflict with Diversity University, Incorporated 
over the use of the name 'EduCore' (which they claim sole right to since 
they have used it as a trademark in U.S. commerce since 1995), we are 
forced to change the name of the educational MOO core database we 
released on July 26, 1997 in beta version for non-commercial use. We want 
to stress that our project is in no way connected to the Diversity 
University eDUcore, and our choice of the name EduCore was purely 
coincidental. At this time we are taking down our educational MOO core 
site temporarily until this change is implemented. After August 13, you 
may access our core at: 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The core, developed to complement our forthcoming book, _High Wired: On 
the Design, Use, and Theory of Eduational MOOs_ (University of Michigan 
Press), will be called the "High Wired enCore."  The 'enCore' term stands 
for Educational Network Core, and will be part of a consortium of 
administrators and users of non-commercial educational MOOs we have 
already begun to form within the umbrella of Lingua MOO projects, which 
encompasses Lingua MOO, MOO Teach (a web resource for connecting teachers 
and researchers), _Pre/Text: Electra(Lite)_ (a WOO'd electronic journal 
of rhetorical theory), _Elekcriture_ (an electronic journal on the theory 
and practice of educational MOOs (in development)), C-FEST (a series of 
meetings at Lingua MOO during the academic year on topics relating to 
pedagogical and professional issues), and _High Wired_ (the collection of 
essays mentioned above). Those who have already registered for updates on 
our project are automatically members of our consortium as are those 
registered with our MOO Teach network. We hope others will join in our 
belief that the spirit of the educational MOO community should be based 
upon the principles of sharing knowledge and ethical interaction. We 
trust that our concession to DU's concern about the EduCore term is made 
in that spirit.

Any questions about the 'HighWired enCore' or the Educational Network 
should be directed to both Cynthia Haynes ( and Jan 
Rune Holmevik (

__Jan Rune Holmevik, Cand Philol_____________________________________
University of Bergen                             
Department of Humanistic Informatics  
Sydnesplass 7, HF-bygget           
N-5007 Bergen, NORWAY        

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