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NOTICE !!! Domain name change: becomes

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the domain name will cease to be functional after 8/15/97.  In its
place, starting immediatly, the domain name should be
used.  In addition, the psuedonyms,,
and will also work.

While this will be a major hassle for a while, it will be better in
the long run, as Elijah Laboratories now owns its own domain name in
the .com domain, and thus we are no longer dependent on another entity
to keep the domain name active for us.

We appologize for the confusion and hassle that is sure to result fom
this, but it had to be done; we had no choice.

--------  "And there came a writing to him from Elijah"  [2Ch 21:12]  --------
Robert Jay Brown III  1 847 705-0424
Elijah Laboratories Inc.;  37 South Greenwood Avenue;  Palatine, IL 60067-6328
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