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Re: Talker-ization of MOOs

>I would encourage you to rethink you're assumptions a little bit
>here.  If everyone is hanging out in one room just talking,
>maybe it's because they're perfectly happy hanging out in one
>room talking.  In short, if your users don't see this as a problem
>that they've been complaining to you about, why do *you* see
>it as a problem?

Well, it's only a problem if the MOO has higher goals that just providing
the equivalent of a giant IRC channel. There are certainly ways to foster
more 'community' among your MOO users, which I think is what the original
writer was getting at here. It's something that's been a very important
(and often elusive) goal at the MOO I've tried to create (with lots of
help, of course!) over the last 11 months.

For anyone that's a long-time LambdaMOO character, they seem to have a
similar problem, caused mostly by the enormous lag. :) Why spend time
learning to interact creatively, when the lag is most friendly to simple,
paged conversations from your own private rooms?

I'd like to see some discussion on this, since it interests me a lot (and
hopefully others) and since I think the sense of community that most MOOs
lack is something to be concerned about and analyzed.



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