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Re: Talker-ization of MOOs

Jerry wrote:
> we have a very serious question in regards
> to evaluation: how exactly do you determine whether or not you've
> assisted in building a sense of community/participation among your
> users [?]

Measure teamwork, i.e. coordinated group interaction with the non-
player elements of the MOO.

How does one measure teamwork?  The measurement instrumentation
would probably be best if it were built into the fabric of the
MOO.  For example, if team movement through the MOO is desired,
make all exits track this behavior.

How does one encourage players to do teamwork?  From a behavioral
perspective:  set up a schedule of reinforcement that rewards team
behavior.  The details may depend on the nature of the players.  
(But isn't it true that all players have an insatiable desire for 
more quota?  ;-)

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