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Re: Talker-ization of MOOs

On May 15,  1:03pm,!!aprile wrote:
> Subject: Talker-ization of MOOs
> The subject line says it all <g>: how do you keep your MOO from
> turning into a talker ?

Kill all IRCers.  (hey, that'd make a good bumper sticker...`Don't IRC (erk)
me, I have a gun').

> The symptom of talkerization is: about 60% of the logged on users
> simply stay in room, usually the default .home . No matter
> how many areas you design, they just stay there.

There are several theories floating about...the most widely acclaimed is one of
the non-migratorial nature of the Newbus Majorum.  It seems these creatures are
so simple minded, changes of atmosphere and surroundings are not necessary.  In
fact, when placed in a new habitat, these creatures have been known to panic,
missing the comfortable descriptions they hold so dear.

> So, do you have similar problems ? And, how do you solve them ?

Shotgun.  Double barreled.  Heavy shot load.

In all seriousness, here are some ideas.

Make .home random (in a certain set of public rooms) on player creation.  Get a
default-home base of, say, 100 or so and distribute your userload.

Do some in-core hacks that watch :enterfunc and make some comical hacks to move
players out of the room if it's been too habited for too long (a trapdoor in
the floor is *still* funny).  Of course, the entire point here is to make
*some* rooms immune to this effect, to move that immunity around once per week
(again, randomly), and not to tell people which are immune and which aren't.
 They'll have to EXPLORE to find that out.

These should sufficiently inhibit the Newbus Majori in your area, just remember
that a roaming monster carrying people off for unknown places can be pretty

David Hankins,
News Administrator,
SenseMedia Netcasting

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