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Re: Virtus software products

>I have a copy of Virtus Walkthrough Pro currently on my Mac. Great little 

>chunk of software. I also was thinking of linking it to some sort of 

>networked VR environment... Unfortunately, the source code for the player 

>(written in C++) costs $10,000. I checked. A bit out of the price range 

>of the average high school freshman, eh? :) Anyone with some cash and C++ 

>programming ability that wants more info should send to, 

>I believe. I can drop the Player on my FTP site if any of you want a copy 

>(I have it for Mac and Windoze)

If you want to wait about a year, MacOS 8.0 (Copland) will be released.  It has a builtin 3D  
graphics and VR library that is supposed to make working with VR enviornments as easy as  
working with 2D graphics and quicktime on a Mac is now.

If you want to check out what is supposed to be in Copland, check out



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