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Re: Talker-ization of MOOs

>Possibly true, but as you yourself point out, it's a matter of
>knowing "what they want that doesn't exist yet."  This presumes that
>either you 1) know what they want already, or 2) are sufficiently
>well-enough informed about your user community's general desires,
>motivations, current means of interaction, etc. to be able to infer
>what potential applications might be usefully constructed out of
>the emerging technologies.  In order to achieve 1) you should probably
>just go ask your users.  In order to achieve 2) you probably have
>to engage in a fairly substantial ethnographic effort to obtain
>the necessary level of understanding in regards to your community.

Well put... :) I'll point out that I wasn't suggesting that *I* knew what
my users wanted, but I *still* think it's better to be experimental and see
what happens rather than somewhat exclusively poll your users. I love to
use the analogy of a radio station. If you asked the listeners what songs
they wanted to hear, they only have the songs that already exist as a
framework to choose from. So, if we exclusively ask them what they want,
all we get is rehash (which, incidentally, is why 99% of radio stations are
rotten to the core).



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