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Re: Talker-ization of MOOs

On Mon, 15 May 1995! wrote:

> The symptom of talkerization is: about 60% of the logged on users
> simply stay in room, usually the default .home . No matter
> how many areas you design, they just stay there.
> So, do you have similar problems ? And, how do you solve them ?
  Well there're a couple Things as a use I'd kinda like ta mention:

    1) 'Less you played a lotta games like Zork or other text adventures, 
        it's kinda hard ta find your way 'round a MOO. Also try ta keep 
        paragraphs down ta 5-6 lines, bigger blocks 're harder ta read.

    2)  Think 'bout 'portin over Carrot's compass, which c'n be got from I'm *totally* lost inna MOO without that thing 
        (Tho there *is* a bug in :@rose, which I fixed a while back, e-mail 
        me if you wannit in your MOO.) IMO this thing sh'd be in 
        $player.features, 'long with a basic social package.
    3)  You mite also wanna import Carrot's color_utils, which give you a 
        way a addin ANSI graphics an don get inna way for people who can't 
        use a translation table. Face it, 1 block a text looks a *lot* 
	like 'nother block a text. (color_utils is a work in progress, 
	but it mosly works, take a look @ *color @ Lambda sometime.)

  That's like my $.02, I don rilly get any sense a space in MOOs 'cause 
the rooms're jus points. I usuly use @go, or @join ta get ta places. 
Since I startit proggin in assembly fairly early, I tend ta see space 
inna computer as lookin like a rilly *long* string. You can divide it up 
an make it *look* like it has any # a dimensions, but there's rilly only 1.


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