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Re: Talker-ization of MOOs

On Mon, 15 May 1995, Chuckster wrote:

> Problem: Interactive objects are boring.
> Suggestion: Objects that exist for their own sake are absolutely
> uninteresting, and are basically just text producers.  I really don't
> care about a virtual washer/dryer -- they're boring in real life, and
> they're boring on the MOO.  Make things that have no parallel in RL --
> things that just aren't possible normally.  Make objects unreadable,
> and code in a robust interface -- nothing ruins the magic of a
> carefully crafted object more than the 'examine' command, or worse,
> '@display'.  Just make sure those objects are intuitive to use then.

   The prollem here that what's intuitive ta you isn always intuitive ta 
anybody else. 1 a my best tricks was a hack of the examine command that 
made my aquarium @ Lambda *much* easier ta use.
   Also, I *like* lookin @ code, an takin objecs apart ta see how they 
work. 'Course I wrote my firs verb after 3 days a MOOing, an made GM @ 
Lambda in under 2 months 'cause a what I was doing with puppets.
> Problem: People teleport to where they want to go, and never explore.
> Solution: Disable teleporting ($room.free_entry = 0) and install
> walking code.  The JHM walking code is fairly easy to port, or you
> could just install JHcore.  But even auto-walking is just fancy
> teleportation, so if you don't mind using up a lot of space, you can
> make some rooms allow players to auto-walk there only if they've
> manually walked there before.
  Actuly, I think that Tourmobiles w/ robot guides is a better idea. I've 
never gotten 'round ta actuly makin 1, but there's a portable room @ PMC 
that follows a set route. (Or prog your own) I like ta start with a new 
toy, an show it ta sevral users while I'm buildin it. It's also a good 
idea ta have a core-group a beta-testers, who c'n give good bug-reports. 
  I'm rilly happy with the help-system I set up for a kind a 'bot @ 
Lambda (the objec # is #8185, for the 'bot) I *still* haveta show a user 
how ta get it startit 1ce inna while, but somethin like 19 outa 20 users 
seem ta be able ta follow the instructions an get the thing goin. (And 
those 'bots aren't easy ta set up.)
  Anyway, I'm more inta makin toys 'n entertainin people. Wanderin 'round 
inna MOO jus doesn do much for me <shrug>. I also think a carrot's 
better'n a stick, people'll come back for more carrots 8}.


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