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Re: Proposed change to the MOO-Cows mailing list

< Why not split it then? Have two lists, one for Q/A posts, and one for
< discussion.  Perhaps even better, make a (moderated?) newsgroup for common
< Q/A and let the mailing list be used just for topical discussions and new
< troubleshooting.
< I want a mailing list that allows group discussions of topics that come up
< (as well as group discussions about questions on how to solve problem X), but
< I would rather not wade through a bajillion answers to "How do I make $news
< work" each month.  I would be more than willing to set up a Q/A Web site for
< those common questions, if that would reduce the typical-new-user-questions
< traffic on moo-cows.  (But as Alex noted later in his reply, how do you get
< the new users to take advantage of such a resource?)

An idea, have:

    List                 Status
    ----                 ------
    MOO-Cows-Discussion  Restricted  ("MOO-Cows" would be the same)
    MOO-Cows-QnA         Open

The discussion list would be restricted in that it would have two states to
registration, one would be listening (anybody can listen), and one would
be sending status.  Simply have it be that you must exist on the list for
at least ~2 months (?) before you can send to the list...  This could be
too confusing though.  You could also moderate the QnA, but I think it would
be better to have a mondo filter on the list, and on certain keywords it
would send back the FAQ...(I know Majordomo will do this)

Of course, people would still use Alex's subject proposal, headers like
that really help.

-Brandon (the Lynx)-

(BTW, what is it called when a bunch of cows moo at each other in a field?)


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