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Re: Proposed change to the MOO-Cows mailing list

Pavel wrote:
>>The question is, would the current list membership consider this a positive
>>change?  I have given this message a Reply-To: line pointing responses back
>>to me, personally.  I will summarize the results in a week or so and, if
>>there's a preponderance of positives, implement the suggested changes.

Alex replied:
>Well, there are several questions here.  First of all, is this list just for
>asking questions?  (my suspicion is that there's a distinct split between what
>various people here want this list to be used for.  In many cases it's
>actually quite useful to have a group discussion about something.  It's only
>in recent months, for the most part, that this list has become simply a Q&A
>thing for newbie wizzes)

Why not split it then? Have two lists, one for Q/A posts, and one for
discussion.  Perhaps even better, make a (moderated?) newsgroup for common
Q/A and let the mailing list be used just for topical discussions and new

I want a mailing list that allows group discussions of topics that come up
(as well as group discussions about questions on how to solve problem X), but
I would rather not wade through a bajillion answers to "How do I make $news
work" each month.  I would be more than willing to set up a Q/A Web site for
those common questions, if that would reduce the typical-new-user-questions
traffic on moo-cows.  (But as Alex noted later in his reply, how do you get
the new users to take advantage of such a resource?)


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