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Andy accidentally didn't cc to the list, so I'm forwarding on for him..
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Date: Wed, 17 May 95 11:16 CDT
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To: Alex Stewart <>
From: (ThwartedEfforts)
Subject: Re: An alternate proposal for MOO-Cows

>Ok, here's the proposal for a new way to handle MOO-Cows posts I mentioned
>earlier..  (Andy, if there's anything I forgot feel free to jump in and
>correct me) It's based mainly on Puff's solution some time back that keywords


>Suggested format for subject lines
>The following format would be required (by the filter) for any subject lines
>of posts to MOO-Cows:
><KEYWORD>: <subject> [(<KEYWORD>) ...]

Also have to allow for mail programs that automaticly stick a "Re:" in the
front, and NOT mark those as illegal subject lines.  Perhaps the mail filter
could also do a re: compression:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MOOCOWS: Do something about these Re:'s
Re: MOOCOWS: Do something about these Re:'s

Since I still get mail from time to time from people using cheap mail
programs that don't do that.  Of course, the people sending to the list
should also be smart enough to realize when something is going offtopic and
then give that message a new keyword.

>Anyway, that's the idea..  what do people think?  It seems to me it'd be
>pretty easily implemented by just sticking a filter program on the front of
>the moo-cows list which would check the format of the subject lines, and
>adding a little documentation, and with this system, readers could set up
>their own filters to fine-tune just the areas they're interested in looking

I was going to sit down and write this, but then I remembered (?) that I
know nothing about the interface for how it would receives mail and stuff.
stdin and stdout? read from files someplace else in the filesystem?  Maybe
I'll sit down and write something in perl if someone gives me a clue as to
how to actually get a mail message and where to put it.  Or I'll just write
up a stub or something.

>So..  what do people think?  Is it worth trying?  (I think so)

I like this much better (than the post a question, then post a summary
idea), cause there are times when I want to see all the posts, and I dont'
think we can trust everyone to post a followup, and we will end up with
posts like "was that network problem that Joe Blow posted about ScankUnix
ever cleared up?"  Who do we reply to with a post like that?  Not only that,
but only the poster of the orignal question knows the answer, and who knows
what happened to that person.
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