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Dear subscribed,

A few quick questions:
Pavel, how big is this list (how many of us are there?)
Is there currently a forum for the social issues, and or educational issues,
(read as business issues if you need to) surrounding moos.

Is there a reasonable way to place (in some automated way) multiple levels
to the list, ie a question is on a list as a newbie question and is circulated
to one audiance, after 3 days if no responses, it bumps to the next
(experienced?) list.

Is it more responsible to carve this list up to address QnA, social issues(can
i be a wiz on your moo? comments on moo of different kinds), business issues
surrounding a growing group of non-traditional, non-mud oriented moos
(creative writing courses, replacements for IRCs, etc.),....

Would it be better to turn this into a straight newsgroup, and let this stuff
ripple across the net in waves (gosh, I haven't considered ripple in this way
in a long time).

I will admit just about anything would be better than what it is now.

F U wanna + UR $.02, U mA,             If you want to add your 2 cents you may
but I M ! shifting my $.20.            but I am not shifting my paradigms.

J.C.Tobin -- User Services LUCC

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