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Re: Server Patch - chr() and asc() functions - Ian

On Wed, 17 May 1995, Alex Stewart wrote:

> > STR chr(NUM)
> > This will return a string (length(string) = 1) that contains the 
> > character represented by the code NUM.
> This is generally a bad idea without proper limitations.  For example, if you
> happen to do a chr(10) and stick it in a prop, your checkpoint and dump files
> will end up corrupted foreverafter (or at least as long as that value stays in
> the DB).

Yeah, I just checked.  chr(10) seems to be the only one capable of 
causing problems.  chr(13) is ok, so correct that in my previous post 
will you?

Is this valid on all systems?  Would some other system choke on chr(13)?



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