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MOOCOWS: Re: new lists

>Dear subscribed,
>A few quick questions:
>Pavel, how big is this list (how many of us are there?)
>Is there currently a forum for the social issues, and or educational issues,
>(read as business issues if you need to) surrounding moos.

Yes, this would be interesting... (woah! brainstorm... enter your reason for
interest in MOOs when subscribing to moo-cows... gets some statistics going)

>Is there a reasonable way to place (in some automated way) multiple levels
>to the list, ie a question is on a list as a newbie question and is circulated
>to one audiance, after 3 days if no responses, it bumps to the next
>(experienced?) list.

We'll end up with newbies wanting to be on the highest level, I'm sure.  How
do you automaticly classify a post as a response to another (Re: me too!).
Of course, we do have to trust the poster alot to go along with whatever is
instated, but if we force the poster to do some kind of message filtering
themselves (with the keyword idea), that lessens the load on all of us to
filter ourselves.  Is there another way to enforce a convention besides
[using keywords and then] bouncing uncategoried messages?

>Is it more responsible to carve this list up to address QnA, social issues(can
>i be a wiz on your moo? comments on moo of different kinds), business issues
>surrounding a growing group of non-traditional, non-mud oriented moos
>(creative writing courses, replacements for IRCs, etc.),....

Responsible?  I'm not following that.
More reasonable?  Yes.
Easier for the rest of us?  Yes.

>Would it be better to turn this into a straight newsgroup, and let this stuff
>ripple across the net in waves (gosh, I haven't considered ripple in this way
>in a long time).

This was also considered (as a Usenet group)... but do we really want
everyone under the sun having public access without a request for it?  This
could degrade into things like "what is moo anyway?" and "tinymud is better"
flame wars.  I don't think we need that, do we?  Wouldn't that be worse?
There exists an alt.mud.moo newsgroup, but it sees little use (at least it
did when I checked about 3 months ago).

>F U wanna + UR $.02, U mA,             If you want to add your 2 cents you may
>but I M ! shifting my $.20.            but I am not shifting my paradigms.
>J.C.Tobin -- User Services LUCC

   ... took forever to figure out that $.20 thing :)
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