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Re: MOO programming tutorial

>I am beginner of learning MOO programming.  I have nothing to start with.  I ne
>ed guidance on (a) where I can find free Moo program and (b) how to install it.

Program as in what?  Client?  Or a moo of your own?

>       I also need to know where I can find free (acturally, I am willing to sp
>end some money if I have to do) MOO programming tutorial materials.  I am ready
> to put my time and energy on learning MOO programming.  So, I really appreciat
>e your helps and guidances.   Have a nice day.

There's a manual available via anonymous FTP at,
directory pub/MOO.  ProgrammersManual.???.  HTML and FTP versions among
others are there, I beleive.

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