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Re: FW: new quota system

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Mike Moore wrote:

> At 12:49 PM 4/30/96 PDT, Chuck Adams wrote:
> >
> hm.. can imagine someone making their :title waste ticks until only a few
> are left, then the verb that called it gets fined?

> The tb would list the :title in its first line.  But that is a valid point;
> since verb calls are so complex, calling verbs by different proggers
> on different objects...

No it wouldn't, it would just return when there are five ticks left, 
letting the calling verb tick-out after the return.  Alternately, call a 
verb when there are five ticks left.

Also, fork could be used instead of suspend (yes, I know it's clumsy) to 
get around a bf_suspend and handle_task_timeout tick-limiting thing.

A workable accounting system seems like an entry in the wish-list for a 
next-generation server.  (Any of the MOO-alternatives out there have 
one?  Cold 1.0 doesn't seem to, will 2.0?  Others?)

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