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FW: new quota system

The tb would list the :title in its first line.  But that is a valid point;
since verb calls are so complex, calling verbs by different proggers
on different objects...

Sent:  Tuesday, April 30, 1996 4:12 PM
Subject:  Re: new quota system

At 12:49 PM 4/30/96 PDT, Chuck Adams wrote:
>Actually, you could wrap #0:bf_suspend and charge for tick/second
>usage by checking ticks/seconds_left().  And if you run out of
>ticks/seconds, hoo boy, you get fined in #0:handle_task_timeout.
>If you never suspend and you don't timeout, then you squeak by.
hm.. can imagine someone making their :title waste ticks until only a few
are left, then the verb that called it gets fined?

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