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Re: mysterious LambdaMOO startup stall

At 7:07 PM 4/26/96, Pavel Curtis wrote:


>This suggests a theory to me, but to explain it I'll have to describe something
>of how the parent/children and location/contents hierarchies are actually
>represented in memory.

Pavel, thanks. You were absolutely right. For reason I don't
fully understand (I inherited this code), our shopkeeper's, when
they ordered products, got an object called a "crate", and another
called a "buyable" to represent the contents of the crate.
When the stuff all sold and the crate was empty, the crate
was recycled -- but, the buyable was not. However it would
disappear from the storekeeper's owned_objects, while still
pointing to the storekeeper as it's owner.


>You said in your MOO-Cows posting that this behavior happens under 1.7.8p4 as
>well as 1.8.0p4, but that it only started happening recently.  How long has it
>been since you rebooted your server?  Could it be that something like what I
>described above has happened *just since that previous reboot*?


The MOO ran without shutdown or crash from Dec. 5th, 1995 to
April 23, 1996. I didn't become aware of the proliferation
of objects until trying to restart the MOO, which took about
5 days. It turned out there were over 50,000 groatless "buyables"
floating around.

Now that's fixed, what do you make of this:

@list #360:clear_the_store
#360:"clear_the_store"   none none none
 1:  "";
 2:  dwarf_store = this:store();
 3:  this:say("Get Out! Get Out! Hie Thee Hence!");
 4:  for thing in (dwarf_store.contents)
 5:    $command_utils:suspend_if_needed(0);
 6:    if (parent(thing) == $g.customer)
 7:      player:tell("          ",, " (", this, ") throwing out
shopper: ",;
 8:      "thing:abort_shopping();";
 9:      thing:go_home();
10:    endif
11:  endfor

@edit #360:clear_the_store
#60:verbname_match, line 2:  Type mismatch
... called from #60:find_verb_named, line 11
... called from #50:parse_invoke, line 35
... called from #51:invoke (this == #50), line 37
... called from #59:@edit (this == #2), line 6
(End of traceback)

@rmverb #360:clear_the_store
#60:verbname_match, line 2:  Type mismatch
... called from #60:find_last_verb_named, line 15
... called from #59:@rmverb (this == #2), line 18
(End of traceback)

        Right now I can't get MacMoose working, and I can't
use @edit -- the only facility I have is the Muddweller "send file".


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