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net interfacing, etc.

	Hello.. this question is mostly for people who have some knowledge
	of the inner workings of the MOO..

	I'm going to start (in some spare time I have coming) working on a
	MOO-type thing. Not very advanced at all, but enough so that I can
	learn the specifics of communication across the net using telnet
	or some other mode..

	Essentially, I want to have some sort of server on one machine connected	to the net, and devise a way for people to 'connect' or 'communicate'
	with it. 

	Haven't done very much research into material, and was hoping some of
	you might give me pointers to some good books, or outlines of this
	particular area. 

	I have quite a few years behind me, programming, and a fair amount of
	experience just working on the net, but have never been too clear
	about some of the dirty mechanics of operation on it.

	Thanks in advance,


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