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Re: puzzling question...

And, warning, whatever you think of Hacker, Never, Ever, Ever, Delete Him.

Of all the mistakes we made in learning MOO programming, that has been
the most irritating [.."well, gee, what is this we need it?
naw, let's just tidy things up a bit here and delete this player no
one ever seems to use...."]

It has resulted in our Law of MOO Programming No. 1:  Never delete 
any object with a number lower than 100.

Doesn't result in a fatal crash; just stops you from being able to
recycle ANYTHING.

We've had to re-type in the whole damn database....
which leads to *my* question:  isn't there a faster way
to move big chunks of an old .db file into a new .db file,
only selectively?

On Sat, 4 May 1996, Aaron Paushter wrote:
> >I have one question who is Hacker and why is it a character that no one logs
> >into?????
> Hackers the one that owns all of those objects that you never knew existed
> (actually, you probably did)... For example, all of the toaded players,
> helps, generics.. Most of the invalid objects. It doesn't connect becuase,
> well, it's not meant to. Yes you can @newpassword it, but it's not the
> smartest thing to do.. not fun when you accidently @recycle #3 or something
> like that. :)
> If you really wanna see what (exactly) it owns, just @audit it or @show
> it's .owned_objects. That'll be all, thank you, drive through.
> -Aaron
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