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Really stupid newbie question

Hey folks,

please forgive me my foolishness, but I've struggled with this one for 
awhile, and even the unix guy here can't help me. I *did* get the
network turned on, but now I have the following problem:

@make-player fool for
fool (#1348) created with password `OpaVa' for
Send email to with password?  ─Enter `yes' or `no'┼
Sending the password to
Cannot send mail: Cannot open connection to maildrop localhost:
 Permission denied

How can I get that connection to open? The machine's mailer (BSD)
does work, I've even got a pop server running on it. So I think
I just need to get the MOO mailer to connect to the machine's mailer
and we'll be in business...

Any ideas?   ;)

Bonus stupid newbie question:

Can't get the backspace key to work when people connect through
EWAN. It *does* work through a 32/70 emulator, and on the standard
Linux telnet> function.

HELP!!!! Somebody!!!  I'm drowning!!!   ;)



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