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Re: wizard school

On Sun, 5 May 1996, Chuck Adams wrote:

> About the wizard-school MOO thing: I like the idea, and guess what:
> the tests are already in place on LambdaMOO.
> If they want a progbit, they'll need to be able to program their way
> out of a paper bag.  Yes, yduJ's paper bag on LambdaMOO.  All the code
> is readable so you can port it.  Note that they'll actually need a
> progbit to get out -- work it out with a programmer guest or
> something.

Bad idea.  This would already require a knowledge of programming.  I 
already have the programmer requirements in place, and logically, to get 
a programmer bit, you only need to master building skills.  Besides, the 
paper bag isn't much of a test.

> For a wizard bit, make 'em finish Deepthought's Puzzle.  Of course,
> anyone who can solve that wicked brain-bender could probably crack a
> wizbit anyway.  >:)

Miles, on Lambda, told me about Deepthought.  He said that he felt that 
anyone who could solve this puzzle would be wizard material.  Possibly.  
Unfortunately, it only covers a vary narow slice of programming.  Yeah, 
it's an interesting test, but I don't think just because you can solve 
it, you're wizard material.  It definitely doesn't prove you're an expert 
programmer.  Just that you have the ability to think in abstract ways.

Thanks for the suggestions, though :)

Adam Summers


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