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Re: wizard school

>  Unfortunately, it only covers a vary narow slice of programming.
>  Yeah,
>  it's an interesting test, but I don't think just because you can
>  solve
>  it, you're wizard material.  It definitely doesn't prove you're an
>  expert
>  programmer.  Just that you have the ability to think in abstract
>  ways.

Actually, I say the opposite: it proves you're an expert programmer, but NOT
 NECCESARILY that you have the social skills to become a wizard.  You need to
 talk to players, have a good attitude, respect authority, and to take
 constructive criticism lightly, among other things.
Yes, it is tough, but even if it were 6000 times tougher, unless it has some
 tests on social skills, I don't think I'd like to use it as the sole wizbit

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